Executive Board

David Geelan

David Geelan is Deputy Head of School (Academic) and an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University. 

As Managing Director and President, David oversees the work of ASERA and reports on its performance and activities to the membership. David’s aim is to ensure that ASERA promotes science education research and that ASERA is a vibrant organisation that serves the needs of its members. 

Leah Moore

Leah Moore is an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra. She teaches and researchers earth and environmental science with a science education speciality. Leah conducts research in: science curriculum analysis, science teacher PCK development, innovative use of available technologies in teaching, and post-colonial science education.

Leah is the regional representative for Australia/Pacific at ICASE.


Ange Fitzgerald 

Ange Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor (Science Curriculum and Pedagogy) at University of South Queensland. Her main focus is engaging in activities that support pre- and in-service teachers in developing their confidence and competence in the learning and teaching of science in primary school settings.

Ange is the Secretary/Treasurer for ASERA and is responsible for overseeing the administrative and financial functions of the organisation. In doing this, she supports the other Directors achieve their goals for the membership. Ange is also the co-editor in chief for Research In Science Education (RISE).


David Treagust

David Treagust is Professor of Science Education at Curtin University. His research interests involve:

  1. the theoretical developments of conceptual change,
  2. the use of analogies, models in engendering conceptual change,
  3. diagnostic and formative assessment in science, and
  4. the use of multiple representations in teaching and learning science.

As past Managing Director/President (2003-2010), David’s role on the Board includes general advice based on my corporate memory of ASERA and liaison with international groups like NARST.

Kimberley Wilson

Kimberley Wilson is a Lecturer in Science Education at Australian Catholic University.  Kimberley

 works predominantly with early childhood and primary pre-service teachers and her research interests include: contextualised science curriculum, engaging diverse students in science education, and culturally responsive pedagogies.

Kimberley is the Early Career Researcher (ECR) representative on the ASERA board. If you are an ECR and would like to know more about ASERA or have some ideas about ways that the association could better support you, then please get in touch with Kimberley.

Pauline Roberts

Pauline Roberts is a Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, WA. She has taught across the education sector in Early Childhood and Primary and Tertiary settings in a range of curriculum and content areas. Pauline’s doctoral research centred on the use of an ePortfolio to scaffold reflection in pre-service teachers which remains an ongoing area of interest and research. In her current role at ECU Pauline has undertaken teaching in the Science content area for Early Childhood with the goal of developing play-based approaches to the development of science skills and concepts in young children.

Kim Nichols

Kim Nichols is Director of Research and Associate Professor of Science Education within the School of Education at The University of Queensland.

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of RISE, Kim is a co-opted member of the ASERA Board representing RISE and ensuring the membership are informed about the journal’s activities and profile.

Peter Aubusson

Peter Aubusson is Professor of Education at the University of Technology Sydney where he

specialises in science education.  He has researched science education and teacher learning and development for over fifteen years.

Peter is on the ASERA board as the immediate past Managing Director/President of ASERA.


Gillian Kidman

Gillian Kidman is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Monash University. She hasresearch and teaching interests in the sciences and is particularly interested in inquiry-based practices and the potential inquiry has for the integration of science with other disciplines. Gillian's work in the area of disciplinarity and inquiry-based practices with teachers is providing a fertile ground for the exploration of Inquiry inquiry-based practices and skill acquisition. Her research, teaching and curriculum design is award winning at both the State and National levels, and she was a Writer and Senior Advisor of the Australian Curriculum: Science, and Australian Curriculum: Biology. 

Gillian is a general member on the ASERA Board.

Christine McDonald 

Christine McDonald is a Senior Lecturer in Science Education at Griffith University. She is anAssociate Editor of ASERA’s journal, Research in Science Education (RISE), and has been a member of ASERA since presenting at her first conference in 2001.

Christine is a general member of the ASERA Board.


Wendy Nielsen

Wendy Nielsen is an Associate Professor at University of Wollongong research interests in science teaching and learning, in particular how educational technology can be used to support student learning and teachers teaching about science.

Wendy is the conference convenor for ASERA 2020 which will be held in June, Wollongong, NSW.