CAR Symposium 2020

In anticipation of returning to some sense of normalcy (and proceeding in an online format if we are not gathering by then)… please find the 2020 CAR Symposium flier.  You can also check out this year’s CAR Symposium plans and many previous CAR Symposiums details at this site

Please pass this onto your colleagues and Graduate students.

We are working to prepare our first CAR Symposium book for 2019 “Methodological Approaches to STEM Education Research 2019”.  This Cambridge publication will be in print/electronic form ready for our 2020 symposium.  We are also excited to proceed with book 2 in this ongoing series – and will call for presentations to be offered as chapters as we proceed with the 2020 symposium planning.

Plan for the 2nd October presentation proposal due date!

Hope you are all staying safe and happy.


Peta with Russell, Joe, and John

(CAR Symposium Coordinating Committee)

Last updated: 
Monday, 27 April 2020