Post-doctoral position available in Sweden

The research groups of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education research (SMEER) and Research on Subject Specific Education (ROSE) at KAU, are seeking applicants interested in an MSCA Individual Fellowship in Science Education (we are primarily interested in biology or sustainability education) at Karlstad University in Sweden. The application is a two-step process assisted by our Grants and Innovation Office. If granted the postdoc position is for two years full employment under good conditions.

If you are interested to do a postdoc at Karlstad University, Sweden, at our research group do not hesitate to apply, see this link:

Call for postdoc candidates interested in applying for an MSCA Individual Fellowship in Science Education

Please, spread this information to collegues that might be interested. Last date of application: 06/03/2020 23:00


Last updated: 
Sunday, 16 February 2020